Our Commitment to Diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity

Vistra has a long-standing commitment to the economic development of the communities it serves. The supply chain diversity initiative was founded, and continues to be, based in the strength of this commitment. Endorsed and supported by the highest level of Vistra’s management team, this initiative supports the development and utilization of businesses owned by women and minorities and small businesses. The commitment is about good business. At Vistra, we recognize that a successful, progressive and innovative supply chain diversity Initiative not only enhances the economic development of communities, but strengthens Vistra’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

CEO Letter of Support

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Importance of Supply Chain Diversity to Vistra

Research shows the business value and economic relevance of a progressive, proactive supply chain diversity initiative to the economic success of corporation and communities. A strong minority, women and veteran supplier base increases the breadth and depth of available suppliers; creates more competition, providing a greater selection of competitive service providers; and adds jobs, strengthening the economy. For Vistra companies, further value of Supply Chain Diversity can be directly linked to the business goals of each respective business.

Potential and existing large commercial customers recognize the value of supply chain diversity to their success. These customers want suppliers who share their commitment and they establish weighted values for supply chain diversity performance within the FGE and RFP process. Supply chain diversity success gives our companies a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, with respect to small commercial and residential customers, research shows that consumers in growing numbers, when informed about a company’s positive work in the supplier diversity arena, will select that company as a supplier.

A diverse, robust supply chain is as integral to business success as the quality of people and the quality of technology. Inclusion of minority, women and veteran owned small companies in the our sourcing process helps build quality processes; enhances completion for corporate economic strength; and strengthens each community where there is a company presence. From a regulatory, licensing and legislative perspective, a positive record of inclusion can be significant in determining a company’s true commitment to corporate responsibility and citizenship.

Our Supply Chain Diversity Policy Statement

It is the policy of Vistra to procure goods and services from qualified suppliers and contractors. This policy ensures that diverse and small businesses have equal opportunities to participate in our procurement process. In supporting the development of such firms, Vistra will actively seek qualified minority-and women-owned business concerns with which to do business and will endeavor to assist these business concerns with their development. In furtherance of this policy, Vistra will participate in activities, organizations and programs which promote such enterprises. In addition, the company will provide maximum practicable opportunity to companies with federal designation of small business, small disadvantaged business, small women-owned businesses, small businesses located in HUBZones, and small businesses owned by Service Disabled Veterans. Administration and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all organizations and business units throughout Vistra, with support of the supply chain organization.

Contact Supply Chain Diversity

Vistra Corp
6555 Sierra Drive
Attn: Supply Chain
Irving, TX 75039
Telephone: 214.812.8000
Email: supplier.diversity@vistracorp.com

Supply Chain Diversity & Small Business Resources

  1. Women Business Enterprise Certification – Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (www.wbenc.org)
  2. Minority Business Enterprise Certification – National Minority Supplier Development Council  (www.nmsdc.org)
  3. Veteran Business Enterprise Certification – National Veteran Owned Business Association (www.NaVOBA.com)
  4. Texas Historically Underutilized Business Certification – State of Texas (https://comptroller.texas.gov/purchasing/vendor/registration/)
  5. US Small Business Administration (https://www.sba.gov/contracting/getting-started-contractor/register-government-contracting)

Suppy Chain Diversity FAQs

Supply Chain Diversity at Vistra is a corporate wide initiative supported from the Board and C-Suite levels down. This level of executive support fosters a culture of inclusion in both our supply chain and workforce. We are committed to providing the maximum practicable opportunity for diverse and small business to participate in our bid opportunities, including firms 51 percent or more owned, controlled, and operated by ethnic minorities, women, veterans, service disabled veterans, and certified HUBZone businesses. Vistra believes in proactively inviting and capitalizing on diverse opinions, perspectives, and experiences to make us a more competitive and profitable company.

What categories are included in the Vistra Small and Diverse Business Initiatives?

Small & Diverse Supplier categories include:

  • Minority Business Enterprises
  • Woman Business Enterprises
  • Veteran Business Enterprises
  • Service-Disabled Veteran Businesses Enterprises
  • Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses
  • All Small Businesses as defined by the US Small Business Administration
  • HUBZone Certified Businesses

Does Vistra require certification?

  • For Diverse Suppliers to be part of our Supply Chain Diversity Initiative, we do require third party certification by an entity that conducts 100 percent site visits. Additionally, we request (but do not require) WBENC, NMSDC, and NaVOBA certifications and utilize those databases for our sourcing events.
  • For our Small Businesses category, we require self-certification through the completion of a Supplier Status Profile form upon award of business with us.

Does Vistra have a separate Supplier Diversity Registry or Portal?

  • We do not.
  • We use the following databases to meet our “Rule of AT LEAST One” small and diverse supplier inclusion for all bid opportunities:
    • WBENCLink
    • NMSDC Central
    • SBA Dynamic Small Business Search
    • Texas HUB Directory
  • While we will accept self-certification for small business and other third party certifications upon approval for M/W/DVBE’s, we utilize the above listed databases as our sourcing tools.

What steps should I take to become a supplier to Vistra?

Via e-mail, provide your Capabilities Statement along with a list of current/recent contracts (highlighting any that pertain specifically to our business) and any additional relevant materials that would assist us in advocating on your behalf with our internal decision makers. THEN follow up with a phone call to see if there might be any opportunities or next steps. THEN BE PATIENT but persistent.

Do you have a Multi-Tier Initiative?

  • We do and will provide introductions to our Prime Suppliers where there might be additional opportunities.

How do I contact someone from Supply Chain Diversity?

Success Stories

The following are success stories that have emerged from Vistra’s efforts to include a diverse supplier base:

The Thomasson Company brought over $80,000 in annualized savings in addition to a great quality product and quick turnaround production. Certified as a Woman Business Enterprise in 2009, The Thomasson Company provides rough crane mats, hardwood timbers, crossties, plywood, and cribbing to Luminant.

An established leader in pressure-treated industrial wood products, The Thomasson Company made its name in the utility pole and piling business. Earning a reputation for high quality products and innovative inventory management and distribution programs, they have leveraged that expertise to produce and deliver strong, durable, hardwood crane and pipeline mats.

The Thomasson Company employs green-friendly production processes to lessen the impact on the environment. For example, bark from peeled trees is used to create the steam utilized in the drying process, thereby reducing the use of electricity and other natural resources. (Fortunately, they are not in the TXU Energy service area.)

Patricia (“Pat”) Thomasson, CEO, says, “We work with companies like Luminant, who really care about their customer’s basic needs and safety. Our customers give their consumers cost-efficient electricity while keeping safety in mind. We think of THEIR customers as OUR customers because we all care so much about people and work together to make the lives of individuals better every day.”

Over the past five years, The Thomasson Company employees have held local leadership positions; mentored young people; spoken at schools about the importance of education; raised money for community organizations such as parks, libraries, and arts; worked with 4-H and judged competitions; worked with the mentally and physically challenged; promoted agricultural products and education; and so much more.

The Thomasson family has established endowments focusing on the education of Neshoba County children through The Community Foundation of East Mississippi and endowed a Bio Science and Forest Product scholarship at Mississippi State University.

Pat Thomasson personally has served as the Mississippi regional director for the Women’s Business Enterprise Council South for five years. She continually reaches out to women businesses to help them network and position themselves for future growth and success.

In addition, The Thomasson Company and affiliated entities employ 66 employees with over 70 percent being female and/or a racial minority.

Warfab provides services in a very non-traditional category for diverse companies. They provide custom engineered parts and outage expertise for maintenance, for our dragline fleet, as well as industrial welding projects in our mine and plant locations. While Warfab has been a longtime supplier, they have just recently been certified as both a Woman Business Enterprise and a Hispanic Owned Minority Business Enterprise.

Eddie Moss, Luminant manager of heavy/light equipment has this to say about them: “Warfab is a key alliance partner to Luminant Mining utilized in the vast majority of planned and unplanned heavy equipment outages. They have a proven track record, as our Alliance partner for the last 15 years, of doing quality work in a timely manner. Their safety performance has been excellent and Luminant’ s confidence in their abilities is such that WarFab was awarded the job to be the turn-key provider to relocate the 8750 dragline from Beckville to Kosse.”

With respect to that special project and our normal business, Luminant competitively bid and validated savings in 2016 with Warfab of just under $2.3M. In addition to excellent quality and service, Warfab’ s selection as a Gold Star Supplier this year is also a result of their commitment to the community. They are members of the Women’s Business Council Southwest, the DFW Minority Supplier Development Council, the Longview Chamber of Commerce, and the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. They have served as a Spanish interpreter for the University of Houston and Texas A&M youth tobacco cessation programs, and established BOUNCE swimming scholarships for Latina participants. In addition, they participate in our Multi-Tier Initiative as a Prime Supplier reporting their spend with other diverse companies quarterly, and continually work to identify new diverse companies to add to their supply chain.

Red Ball Oxygen currently serves 28 Luminant locations from six strategically located Red Ball Oxygen branches. They support our plant outages and day-to-day operational needs for industrial cylinders, calibration gasses, bulk gasses, and welding safety supplies.

As a family owned small business that started in 1969, Red Ball Oxygen did not have a supplier diversity initiative, but as a great partner, when we asked them to implement one, they did! In another R&D win, they adopted many of our processes and forms, and implemented their own Supplier Diversity Initiative resulting in over $450,000 in spend with small and diverse suppliers this year.

Initially providing business machines to the western portion of our facilities and Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant during 2016, Southwest Office Systems, a local small business, partnered with our company to provide managed print services across our fleet.  This was no small task.

The SOS team worked to map each company site, to right size our copier and printer fleet. Upon delivery of the units, they worked tirelessly with our facilities and technology services teams to establish proper installation and connectivity. This process improvement took over 20 months to complete, and had over 30 SOS employees actively involved in the program.  In all, we reduced our desktop printer fleet from 1,200 to just 161 units – an 85 percent reduction.

SOS replaced over 245 copiers, and now manages the 161 desktop printers and wide format units for our company across the state. These improvements in our copier fleet will result in a three-year savings of $2.6M. Additionally, SOS now serves as our first stop for printer service and supplies, further improving our cost savings.

SOS also reflects Vistra values through its community involvement. The Puente brothers have served and continue to serve on multiple statewide and local boards of directors including both the Dallas and Ft. Worth YMCA’s.  They have contributed to Mission Arlington for decades and make their on-site Community Center at SOS Plaza in Ft. Worth available for non-profit organizational use.